OTTAWA, ON – Matt Jeneroux, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Communities and Urban Affairs, released the following statement regarding the Trudeau government’s failure to get infrastructure projects built across the country:

“Last week, the Prime Minister and eight of his cabinet ministers fanned out across the country to make a number of infrastructure announcements. However, none of the funding was actually for new projects. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are simply turning these re-announcements into pre-election photo ops, and taxpayers are on the hook for the costs.

“It’s no surprise that the Liberal government has had to resort to re-announcing projects when their infrastructure plan has been a complete failure. As the Parliamentary Budget Officer stated, the Liberals’ infrastructure program and its massive delays are failing to grow the economy as promised. As usual, Canadians are paying for Justin Trudeau’s mistakes.

“These infrastructure projects are essential for communities across Canada, but instead of getting Canadians back to work, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals prefer to spend your tax dollars on photo-ops.

“Justin Trudeau’s government must focus on fixing their broken and failed infrastructure program. Rather than using tax payer dollars for political photo-ops in an election year, Canada’s Conservatives will continue to ensure that much needed infrastructure gets built.”


For more information, please contact:

Office of Matt Jeneroux, MP
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