Today, Justin Trudeau will testify at the Finance Committee and Canadians will have an opportunity to judge his answers for themselves.
Canadians have a lot of questions about Justin Trudeau’s $900 million scandal and they deserve clear answers.
If Justin Trudeau can’t say no when asked a straightforward question, Canadians will have no choice but to conclude that the answer is yes.

  • Did Justin Trudeau or his office have any contact with WE before handing them a billion-dollar contract?
  • Was anyone in the Prime Minister’s office aware of WE’s proposals or helping to advance them?
  • Was WE given a massive contract because of their close ties to the Trudeau and Morneau families and the Liberal Party?
  • Did Justin Trudeau not think that Canadians would find out that WE had paid members of his family more than half a million dollars?
  • Was Sophie Trudeau paid for her WE trip to London in March?
  • Has Justin Trudeau’s family received other financial benefits from WE?
  • Are there other companies with financial relationships with the Trudeau family that receive government contracts?
  • Did the Prime Minister know that a member of the Finance Minister’s family worked for WE Charity?
  • Has the Prime Minister been involved in any contracts, grants or contributions that WE Charity received since 2015?
  • Did anyone warn the Prime Minister about the many conflicts of interest in this case?
  • Is there a conflict of interest filter at cabinet? Can the Prime Minister describe it?
  • Given he’s already been found guilty of breaking ethics laws twice before, has Justin Trudeau actually read the Conflict of Interest Act?
  • Does the Prime Minister believe that the meetings and discussions the Kielburgers had with various Liberal ministers and their staff are a contravention of the Lobbying Act?
  • Has the Prime Minister ever read the Lobbying Act?
  • Will Justin Trudeau fully cooperate with any RCMP investigation into his latest scandal?
  • Will Justin Trudeau fully waive cabinet confidences so that the Ethics Commissioner can investigate his third ethics violation?