Ottawa, ON – Luc Berthold, Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-food, released the following statement regarding the Prime Minister’s latest concession to the United States (US) in the new NAFTA:

“Today, we learned the full extent of the Trudeau government’s failure to stand up for Canadian dairy farmers. In yet another NAFTA capitulation to Donald Trump, milk producers will now be forced to reveal all market information to their US competitors.

“Justin Trudeau told our dairy farmers that he would stand up for them and fight against this provision. Instead, he has undermined the ability of dairy farmers to manage their operations without US intervention.

“As a result of the Prime Minister’s concession outlined in the new NAFTA trade deal, we will see more market share for American exporters and less business for Canadians.

“It is clear that the Prime Minister cannot be trusted when it comes to protecting our dairy sector in Canada. Conservatives have always and will always support Canadian dairy farmers, and will hold Justin Trudeau to account when he fails to do the same.”


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