Ottawa, ON – Phil McColeman, Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs, today called on Justin Trudeau to apologize to veterans for the insensitive comments he made at an Edmonton town hall, and to fulfill his campaign promise that “no veteran will be forced to fight their own government for the support and compensation they have earned.” “Canada’s Conservatives believe that our military veterans deserve the utmost respect for their service to our country and the sacrifices many have made in that endeavor,” said McColeman, “It is imperative that our elected official lead by example in demonstrating this respect.” In 2015, Justin Trudeau promised Canadians that if they voted for him, he would re-establish lifelong pensions for injured veterans, that no veteran would ever have to fight their own government for the support or compensation they have earned, and that a Liberal government would make it easier for veterans to access services. “The Liberals have repeatedly shown that they neither adequately grasp the issues affecting veterans, nor intend to honour the promises they made to veterans during the 2015 election campaign. All we are seeing from the Trudeau government is more broken Liberal promises,” said McColeman. Under Justin Trudeau’s watch, the number of veterans waiting for disability benefits has ballooned to more than 29,000 and disabled veterans are losing their case managers due to Liberal policy changes. “It is Justin Trudeau’s responsibility to fulfill the promises he made to veterans during the 2015 election and to apologize for his disrespectful comments,” said McColeman. -30- For More Information: Office of Phil McColeman Phone: 613-992-3118 [email protected]