Yesterday, Justin Trudeau was interviewed by the Toronto Star Editorial Board, making numerous false claims about his economic record and ethical scandals.

“Trudeau claimed he lowered taxes on the middle-class. In fact, he raised taxes on 80% of middle-class families and brought in a carbon tax that makes gasoline, groceries, and home heating even more expensive.

“Trudeau also claimed that he supports first-time home buyers, when in fact he will raise their taxes even higher as a result of his endless deficits.

“Trudeau tried to assure reporters he wants to restore confidence in government institutions, but he used the power of his office to reward his supporters and punish his critics.

“Most absurdly, Justin Trudeau lied about why he broke federal law, when he claimed that his motivation during the SNC corruption scandal was to save jobs. This was simply a made up talking point by the Liberal Party of Canada. What’s worse, when he was challenged to show evidence, Trudeau could not answer a direct question about where the 9,000 jobs number came from.

“Under Justin Trudeau, the scandals will continue and life will get even more unaffordable. He is not as advertised.

“In contrast, a new Conservative government led by Prime Minister Andrew Scheer will follow and respect the law, all while living within its means, and putting more money in your pocket so you can get ahead.”