Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Brad Trost, Member of Parliament for Saskatoon University welcome the decision by the Appeal Committee of the Conservative Party of Canadas Leadership Election Organizing Committee to reverse a previous ruling that the Trost Campaign was responsible for leaking a copy of the party’s membership list to an unauthorized third-party.

“I and my campaign team are very satisfied with this decision,” said Trost in reaction to its publication. “Although the process has been at times challenging, I never doubted the outcome. It proves that the Conservative Party of Canada under the leadership of Andrew Scheer remains the party of law and order.”

“As far as I and my campaign team are concerned, the matter is now resolved, and I look forward to working alongside the rest of my colleagues to make sure that Justin Trudeau’s inept and catastrophic government is replaced by a Conservative government with Andrew Scheer as our Prime Minister.”

“I am glad that the differences that led to this dispute have been settled,” said Andrew Scheer. “Brad has always been an important member of our team and we are excited to move on, and to have him out on the campaign trail on behalf of Conservative candidates across the country.”