OTTAWA –The Conservative Party’s interim leader, Rona Ambrose, released the following statement today about the US government’s rejection of Keystone XL: “We are extremely disappointed that President Obama succumbed to domestic political pressure and rejected the Keystone XL pipeline. It has been clear for some time that – despite the facts, economic benefits and environmental safeguards – the White House’s decision was a fait accompli. “I spoke to Prime Minister Trudeau today and encouraged him to continue advocating for market access for the energy sector. “Market access for our energy products is vital if Canada is to realize its economic potential. My party believes that Keystone XL not only helps get Canadian oil to markets but most importantly would create quality, well-paying jobs for Canadians. “This project has proven to be good for the economy, the strengthening of energy security in North America, and for environmentally sustainable development. The rejection of Keystone will not stop Canadian oil exports to the United States. It simply means we will continue to rely on transportation alternatives like shipping and rail. “The Official Opposition urges the new government to open talks with the US government as soon as possible. The Prime Minister must continue to voice Canada’s position that this pipeline can create jobs on both sides of the border, and strengthen our economies while being environmentally sustainable.” -30-