_Check against delivery_ Good morning and thank you! It’s wonderful to see all of you together as a team as we prepare for tomorrow’s first meeting of the new parliament. I am excited to see your renewed energy, passion and the fresh ideas you will bring to our team and to this parliament. I have no doubt that we will be the strongest opposition Canadians have ever seen. And let there be no doubt what our number one job will be – to stand up for Canadians and to stand up for the taxpayers of Canada. We will work hard, every day, to earn the trust of Canadians and to serve Canadians. Canadians expect and deserve no less. While the Liberals are racking up deficits and spending recklessly – taxpayers deserve to have someone on their side, defending their interests and protecting their hard earned money. The Conservative Party of Canada is the only party in Ottawa who will do that. Because, friends, it has not taken long at all for Canadians to see where the Liberals are heading. While Conservatives kept taxes low, balanced the budget and left a surplus – the Liberals have promised to raise taxes, to run the budget back into deficit, in order to fight a recession that isn’t even happening to support a middle class who has never done better! And within a couple weeks, that’s exactly what they did. Yesterday, Statistics Canada confirmed that despite challenges in some sectors, the economy is healthy. But the Liberals didn’t even wait for the numbers to come out before they put Canada back into deficit by ratcheting up spending for the rest of this year, spending that can only be paid for with higher taxes for today’s families and a higher debt burden left for young people to pay off tomorrow. Within a few weeks the Liberals have already shown Canadians that when it comes to over spending, higher deficits, and raising our taxes, they can’t say “NO”. That will fall to us, as Conservatives – as the only party that fights for low taxes, balanced budgets and prudent spending – to scrutinize every dollar that passes through this government and fight every tax hike they try and impose on Canadians, to stand up for taxpayers, and to stand up for Canadian families. Ever since the threat of the Islamic State emerged, way before the election, the Liberals told Canadians we should be examining the root causes of terrorism, but we know what the root cause of terrorism is: It comes from a hatred of our values, hatred of our freedom, hatred of my rights as a woman and my ability to live freely. The Liberals have said that the contributions of our Air Force are just a token effort, worthy of a tasteless joke. And so, the Prime Minister’s first phone call with another world leader was to tell our closest ally that Canada would be diminishing our fight against ISIS and withdrawing our Air Force – leaving our allies to do the heavy lifting. Even after Paris was attacked by Islamic State terrorists, and while the allied coalition against terror is ramping up its efforts – the Liberals have maintained that our CF-18s would come home. Our job, as Conservatives, is to remind the government that sometimes taking the fight to an enemy is the right thing to do. That human rights are only aspirational words on a piece of paper if you’re not prepared to fight for them, to stand with our allies, and to stand up for the persecuted and the victimized. Friends, you were elected because your constituents believe in you and because they know that you stand for these things. 5.6 million people wanted a strong Conservative voice in the House of Commons, and colleagues, that is exactly what they are going to get! Whatever we have accomplished in our political life, we have accomplished it together. I know you will be there for each other. And I am there for you. And we will stand together, as a team: A voice for taxpayers. A voice for families. A voice for freedom. Together we will stand up for Canada! Thanks everyone – now let’s get to work!!