Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Candice Bergen, Member of Parliament for Portage-Lisgar and the Official Opposition Critic Responsible for Natural Resources and Matt Jeneroux, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Riverbend, expressed their disappointment in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trivialization of Canada’s natural resource sector to the entire world, despite 20% of Canada’s nominal GDP being contributed to it. On the heels of Mr. Trudeau’s statement, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre negated the importance of Energy East. “It’s disappointing to see the facts surrounding the Energy East Pipeline Project being so misrepresented,” stated MP Bergen. “Mr. Coderre’s is an emotional response to a much needed piece of infrastructure that will benefit the entire country. His statement is not based on evidence, so I can only presume it serves a political need. Now is the time for strong federal leadership on this important issue.” In Quebec alone, the nine years of construction on Energy East is estimated to create 3,168 full time jobs and 14,007 Canada-wide. Tax revenue for Quebec in the development and construction phase is placed at $972 million and $1.15 billion for the first 20 years of operation. Canada as a whole would receive $10.3 billion in tax revenue in the same time frame. Pipelines are not greenhouse gas intensive, and are the safest way to transport oil over great distances, with 99.999% of the crude oil and petroleum product transported on federally regulated pipelines arriving safely. This is an opportunity that will help get Canadian products to tidewaters and increase our market access in an environmentally safe and sustainable way. MP Jeneroux added, “Building infrastructure, like the Energy East pipeline, will help to stimulate job growth across the country. When we have lost 63,000 jobs in Alberta, I would hope the Montreal mayors reconsider their decision, and the Liberals move forward with the Energy East pipeline.” “The Energy Sector needs someone at the federal level to step up and show initiative on the important issues of the day, like Energy East,” said MP Bergen. “The Prime Minister can’t be saying one thing in one place, and change his tune when he’s in a different province. It is not sufficient for the Prime Minister to support and defend Canadian oil only while socializing with American actors like Leonardo DiCaprio in a posh hotel in Davos. The Prime Minister needs to be clear with a very public statement and decisive action, that show that he and his government support the Natural Resource sector in Canada and the jobs and economic prosperity it brings. I gave the Prime Minister the opportunity to express the Liberal government’s support for Energy East in the House, an opportunity that he did not take. I again call on the Liberal government to unequivocally support the natural resource sector in Canada and the Energy East pipeline project.”