Home Heating


A Conservative government will bring in tax-free home energy – completely removing the federal tax from your home heating and energy bills. This will save the average Canadian household $107 per year!

We will scrap the Liberals’ carbon tax, reverse Justin Trudeau’s increased taxes on daily essentials, and put that money back in your pocket.


Heating your home in the winter isn’t a luxury for Canadians; it is a necessity. Currently, the federal government doesn’t tax most essentials.

Medical supplies, prescription drugs, and most groceries are all tax exempt. We don’t tax other basic necessities like groceries, and we shouldn’t be taxing home heating.

Trudeau’s Policy

At a time when Canadians are already paying big home heating and energy bills, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have introduced a Carbon Tax which will increase the cost of everyday essentials like gasoline, groceries, and home heating.

This will drive up the cost of heating your home even more.

Background Information

How much will the average Canadian household save?

The average household will save $107 per year, but some could save as much as $150.

What is included?

All home energy for primary residences – electricity, natural gas, heating oil, propane, wood pellets, and other heating sources will be exempt from the GST. The Canada Revenue Agency will work with utility companies to rebate the 5% GST to consumers, capped at $200 per household.

What is not included?

Commercial energy use will not be exempt from the GST. Investment properties will also not receive the exemption.


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