Harper Outlines Balanced Budget, Low-Tax Plan To Protect Canada’s Economy

September 14, 2015

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Harper Outlines Balanced Budget, Low-Tax Plan To Protect Canada’s Economy

Today Prime Minister Stephen Harper outlined his balanced budget, low-tax plan for Canada’s economy and warned about the risk posed by the Liberal and NDP economic agendas.

The Prime Minister highlighted the release of the 2014-15 Annual Financial Report of the Government of Canada which showed that, as a result of disciplined economic management, the Conservative government recorded a $1.9 billion budget surplus in 2014-15.

“Our government’s balanced budget, low-tax plan has protected Canada’s economy in a fragile global environment,” the Prime Minister said. “And our plan is working: today the Department of Finance confirmed that we’ve achieved a balanced budget one full-year ahead of schedule.”

“A balanced budget is the foundation of our economic plan,” the Prime Minister continued. “It provides the basis for us to lower taxes further and make affordable, targeted investments to help Canadian families and keep our economy growing.”

The Prime Minister noted that the Liberals and NDP have called for massive new spending and tax hikes that would expose our fragile economy to current global instability. British Columbia’s disastrous experience with an NDP government in the 1990s is clear evidence of the risk those policies would pose.

“Justin’s Liberals and Thomas Mulcair’s NDP would run deficits and hike taxes and leave our fragile economy exposed,” said Prime Minister Harper. “Only our Conservative government has a plan to lower taxes further, keep Canada’s budget balanced, and keep our economy moving forward.”



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