Harper Announces Funding To Support Local Museums

September 6, 2015

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Harper Announces Funding To Support Local Museums

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that a re-elected Conservative government will introduce an endowment incentive fund with matching federal dollars to help support local museums.

“Canada’s more than 2,600 museums and heritage organizations allow Canadians to learn more about our country, our people and our history,” said Prime Minister Harper. “They also play a critical role in local communities by attracting millions of tourists and creating tens of thousands of jobs.”

Based on the successful arts-related Endowment Incentive, a Harper government will match every dollar raised by a local museum from individual donors. The program will be capped at approximately $15 million per year along with other conditions consistent with the existing arts-related incentive fund.

Studies show that over 59 million people visit Canadian museums each year, along with an additional 7.5 million students. Over 32,000 Canadians are employed at Canadian museums and almost 100,000 Canadians have volunteered their time at a museum.

The new museum matching program announced today is in addition to other steps the Harper Government has taken to help local museums, including the Museum Assistance program, capital gains exemptions for donations to charities and the First-Time Donor’s Super Credit.

Since 2006, the Harper government has worked to ensure that Canada’s history is properly celebrated. In particular, it has commemorated the bicentennial of the War of 1812, funded the search for the lost Franklin Expedition ships and launched the Canada 150 Fund to prepare for the country’s 150th birthday in 2017.



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