Harper Announces Additional Measures to Protect BC’s Natural Environment

August 21, 2015

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Harper Announces Additional Measures to Protect BC’s Natural Environment

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced additional steps to restore and enhance salmon habitat and protect the marine environment, as part of the Conservative government’s plan to conserve and restore Canada’s environmental heritage.

“Our conservation record shows that you can protect our cherished natural environment while still growing the economy,” said Prime Minister Harper. “The new measures I am announcing today will make a real difference to the health of our Pacific salmon and to the conservation of BC’s marine environment.”

A re-elected Conservative government will extend its successful partnership with the Pacific Salmon Foundation, by investing $15 million to restore and conserve key British Columbian estuaries, and to preserve the lower Harrison River’s salmon ecosystem.

The Harrison River is a Fraser River tributary, recognized as one of British Columbia’s healthiest and productive salmon ecosystems. Estuaries, often called the nurseries of the sea, are where freshwater and saltwater meet, and are vital habitat for salmon and many other marine species. The plan announced today by the Prime Minister will include support for the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s efforts to restore estuaries on Vancouver Island and in Southern British Columbia, to preserve Harrison River salmon habitat and to implement conservation action plans.

Additionally, the Prime Minister committed that a re-elected Conservative government would work with the Government of British Columbia, First Nations and stakeholders to complete the establishment of a National Marine Conservation Area Reserve in the Southern Strait of Georgia. This would protect and conserve the area’s diverse marine life for present and future generations.

“We are implementing our plan to improve the environment through practical, concrete measures, not meaningless and vague promises,” the Prime Minister said. “Justin’s plan includes kneecapping BC’s emerging LNG industry with reckless tax policies that he simply has not thought through, while Thomas Mulcair’s hostility towards resource development will ruin British Columbia’s economy and set BC families back. Mulcair simply does not care about BC’s economic aspirations.”

“Only a Conservative government can be trusted to protect the environment while safeguarding and growing the economy,” said Prime Minister Harper.



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