HALIFAX, NS – Interim Leader of the Official Opposition and Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, the Honourable Rona Ambrose, along with the Leaders of the four Atlantic Progressive Conservative parties, Jamie Baillie of Nova Scotia; Blaine Higgs of New Brunswick; Paul Davis of Newfoundland and Labrador, and interim Leader Jamie Fox of Prince Edward Island, today issued the following statement, criticizing the Trudeau government on its carbon tax that is already affecting all Canadians: “Too many hard-working Atlantic Canadians are finding it difficult to make ends meet. A Trudeau carbon tax will make it even harder. Not only will it increase the price of food, transportation and fuel but it will also make virtually everything more expensive. Atlantic Canadians can’t afford the increase nor should they have to accept it. Atlantic Canada’s economy is in serious trouble and now Justin Trudeau is setting it up for failure. His government is doing nothing to create good jobs in the region, and instead is punishing Atlantic Canadians by imposing another tax. “Voters in the Atlantic region sent 32 Liberal MPs to Ottawa and no one is fighting for them. Conservatives are the voice of the taxpayer and we will continue to stand up for Atlantic Canadians and hold Justin Trudeau accountable for raising taxes on families. Liberal Premiers have just rolled over and accepted it. Atlantic Canadian Liberal Premiers need to send a strong message to the Trudeau government. Justin Trudeau needs to abandon this carbon tax. We need to look at ways to improve the environment and protect our waterways; a carbon tax will not do that. “Conservatives at both the federal and provincial level will always stand up for hard-working Atlantic Canadians. We will fight to ensure the region isn’t forgotten.” Ambrose met with the four Atlantic PC leaders Saturday morning at the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Annual General Meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ambrose, Baillie, Higgs and Fox attended in person and Davis by phone.