OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, today released the following statement marking his first 100 days as Conservative Leader:

“I’m very proud of all we have been able to accomplish in my first 100 days as Leader of Canada’s Conservatives – using every day to fight for hardworking Canadians.

“At the Conservative Party, we welcomed new members to the team, including the Party’s first female permanent Executive Director and first Quebec Campaign Manager to develop a made-in-Quebec campaign. Together, we smashed the Q3 fundraising record for a non-election year.

“It was my pleasure to appoint a House Leadership team and Shadow Cabinet of diverse Conservative voices from across Canada who each bring a unique perspective to the table.

“Alongside of my team, I have fought for national unity – raising my concerns in my first meeting with the Prime Minister. We have stood up for Keystone XL and the jobs that our oil and gas industry provide and introduced new policy ideas on revenue sharing for Indigenous communities.

“That’s on top of the three motions we passed to demand action from the Trudeau Liberals on:

  • a health study into the government’s pandemic response;
  • the end of punishing audits on small businesses during the pandemic; and
  • a decision to finally ban Huawei.

“We led the charge on French language rights, Quebec’s heritage and culture, and pressed for a Canada-UK trade deal.

“As Leader, I have had the chance to speak with Premiers, Indigenous leaders, industry groups, and most importantly, Canadians across the country.

“I am here to fight for all Canadians – holding the Trudeau government accountable for their incompetence on rapid tests, vaccines, and for leaving millions of Canadians behind.

“It’s been a busy 100 days – but I’m just getting started.”


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