Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Leader of the Official Opposition, issued the following statement on the failure of Justin Trudeau to take action on sexual misconduct in the military:
“It is clear that Justin Trudeau’s failure to take action on sexual misconduct in the military is having serious consequences not only for our brave men and women in uniform, but all Canadians. Now, we fear his inaction will affect our country’s vaccine rollout, which is already behind other countries.
“We can’t afford more of the same from Justin Trudeau. As the sexual misconduct crisis continues to rock the Canadian Armed Forces, the Trudeau Liberals’ lack of leadership is making the situation worse. We still don’t know who will be taking over distributing vaccines across Canada.
“Justin Trudeau must be transparent with Canadians, who deserve confidence in our system, and that starts with providing information. The government released a statement late Friday announcing that Maj.-Gen. Fortin would no longer be in charge of the vaccine rollout while an investigation was ongoing, but have yet to confirm the nature of the investigation. The Trudeau cover-up needs to end.
“Canadians need to see action. That’s why I announced in February that a Conservative government will order a service-wide independent investigation into sexual misconduct in the military. While this investigation is taking place, all general and flag officer promotions and salary increases will be suspended. A Conservative government will also introduce policies to ensure future complaints are made to an external independent body outside the chain of command.
“More corruption. More scandals. More of the same. There’s only one choice to secure Canada’s future, and that is Canada’s Conservatives.”