Ottawa, ON–Pierre Poilievre, Conservative Shadow Minister for Jobs and Industry, released the following statement on Canada’s job numbers and unemployment rate:
“Today we learned that in February, the economy failed to regain jobs lost in the earlier two months. February’s 259,000 mostly part-time jobs fell short of making up the 266,000 lost in December and January.
“Canada has had the highest unemployment in the G7. It is too early to say whether today’s partial recovery of lost jobs will move Canada’s unemployment rate below that of Italy and France, whose socialist policies had long made them the worst job markets in the G7.

“While today’s headline job numbers might provide some relief to the appalling job losses in earlier months, now is not the time for the government to pat itself on the back.

“Canada has a much higher unemployment rate than most of its competitors and, even though our country had among the worst job losses in the early pandemic, we have been among the slowest to recover them.

“In fact, in addition to entering the pandemic with higher unemployment than most in the G7, Canada’s jobless rate has increased more than all the other countries since the pandemic began.
To reverse the failure and get big and stable paycheques to Canadians, Conservatives would employ a proven plan, that includes:

  • Green lighting job-creating private-sector projects in all sectors;
  • Reforming taxes and benefits to reward hard work;
  • Freeing small businesses to hire and grow;
  • Eliminate targeted corporate welfare to politically-powerful companies like Loblaws, MasterCard, Bombardier and others, and redirecting the savings to cut job-killing taxes;
  • Stabilizing spending to protect our health care and safety net from the dangers of Liberal debt crisis.


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