Conservative National Defence
Policy Review Consultation

MP James Bezan
Official Opposition Critic for National Defence

MP Pierre Paul-Hus
Official Opposition Associate Critic for National Defence

The Minister of National Defence, the Hon. Harjit Sajjan, recently initiated a Defence Policy Review. On behalf of the Official Opposition, we are proud to present our consultation document to transparently enhance discussion around themes that are minimized by the Trudeau Government in this process.

The greatest responsibility of any government is to protect Canadians and defend our sovereignty. Brave men and women across the country volunteer to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces, selflessly putting our collective well-being ahead of their own. The members of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Army deserve the support and clear mandate from their government.

As the Conservative Critics for National Defence, we have reason to be sceptical of the Liberals’ defence policy review. The last time a defence review of this scale was undertaken, it was done under the Chretien Government in 1994. That exercise was unfortunately followed by the Liberal “decade of darkness” when the national defence budget was cut by 20% and frozen for the next ten years.

It was hard work for the previous Conservative Government to rebuild the Canadian Armed Forces after years of Liberal mismanagement and neglect. Our Conservative Government established a comprehensive defence policy through the Canada First Defence Strategy and Defence Procurement Strategy. These policies set out a well-established vision for the Canadian Armed Forces with the objectives of delivering the right equipment to our military.

Canada’s defence policy must focus on the safety and security of Canadians. We urge the government to thoroughly evaluate the threats we face and use our military appropriately to prevent harm to Canadians. The Government of Canada must ensure that the brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces are equipped to serve our national security interests, and not just a set of predetermined Liberal platitudes.

As the Official Opposition, we look forward to your participation and encourage you to make your voice heard.

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