Welcome our House Leadership Team

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced the Conservative House of Commons Leadership Team. The appointments include:

• Deputy Leader: Leona Alleslev
• Quebec Political Lieutenant: Alain Rayes
• House Leader of the Official Opposition: Candice Bergen
• Chief Opposition Whip: Mark Strahl
• Deputy House Leader of the Official Opposition: John Nater
• Deputy Opposition Whip: John Brassard
• Caucus-Party Liaison: Diane Finley
• Conservative National Caucus Chair: Tom Kmiec
• Caucus-OLO Coordinator: Chris Warkentin

As Canada faces unprecedented challenges after Justin Trudeau’s divisive campaign, it’s more important than ever that our Conservative team is prepared to fight for Canadians.

That’s why Andrew Scheer just announced his house leadership team, full of motivated, experienced Conservatives from across the country.

Our strengthened Party will use every tool available to us to correct the mistakes of this government, beginning with our strong house leadership team.

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