Unions Bosses in Charge of Trudeau’s Media Bailout?

Last year, the Liberals announced they would be providing a $600-million bailout package for the news media industry – in an election year.

This, on its own, threatens to compromise both the independence of the media and the integrity of our electoral process

But like everything the Liberals do, it gets so much worse.

Trudeau has created a “special panel” that will decide which “approved” media companies get moneyand he has stacked it with his union buddies.

One day, Justin Trudeau is worrying about interference in Canadian elections. The next, he’s giving his union buddies the power to influence how media will cover the election.

On this, as on so many other issues, Justin Trudeau is not as advertised.

We can overcome this election meddling. With everyone getting involved, we can show these Liberals the true power of Canadian democracy.

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