Trudeau’s Fiscal Update Failure

The Liberals have tabled their Fall Economic Statement, and it comes as no surprise that they will be driving Canadians even further into debt.

In fact, this year’s deficit is more than three times what Justin Trudeau said it would be.

And he has already added $60 billion in new debt.

And this year, the deficit will be even higher.

But at least they’re spending this money on hard-working Canadians, right?


  • They’re funneling big money to media companies in a transparent attempt to influence them;
  • They’re giving more handouts to large corporations with wealthy Liberal lobbyists; and
  • They’ve done absolutely nothing to help the struggling oil resource industry here in Canada, or address the massive oil price differential hurting Canadian jobs.

A Conservative government will stop the raid on future generations, eliminate Justin Trudeau’s deficits, and get Canada’s fiscal house back in order.

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