Trudeau’s Dirty Election Tricks

We’re used to Liberals tipping the scales in their favour.

But back in 2015, Justin Trudeau promised Canadians those old Liberal ways were behind his party.

But, as usual, we found that wasn’t true – like a lot of things, his words just haven’t matched his actions:

  • Trudeau promised to implement democratic reform, but when it became obvious that Canadians didn’t want his preferred electoral system, he abandoned all his democratic reform plans.
  • When our Conservative MPs grilled Trudeau in the House of Commons, he tried to re-write the rules to give himself Fridays off, and severely limit the ability for other parties to hold him to account in Parliament.
  • When Trudeau found himself down in the polls and struggling to raise money, he rigged the election rules in his favour.
  • And now, Justin Trudeau is playing political games by delaying the call for three by-elections!

Trudeau is using every trick in the book to tip the electoral scales in his favour, and his reckless decisions are undermining our democratic institutions.

He is abusing his power, plain and simple.

Trudeau’s dirty election tricks must be shut down.

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