Trudeau caught breaking rules and lying about it!

New revelations about Trudeau’s taxpayer subsidized vacation on a private island in the Bahamas are raising questions about Trudeau’s ethics and honesty - despite his best efforts to keep the trip details under wraps.

You’ll remember Trudeau insisting he just had to fly aboard a billionaire’s private helicopter to get to the billionaire’s private island because, in his own words, “travel to and from the island only happens through private means.”

Regardless of the reason he wanted to use – it’s clearly against the rules.

But now we know the Prime Minister lied. How? Because the Liberals revealed thousands more taxpayer dollars were spent flying a PCO “technician” – whatever that is – and some equipment to the island - on a commercially chartered seaplane!  

So not only was traveling to the private island possible through charter, Trudeau misled Canadians in order to justify his helicopter joy-ride from the head of a foundation that regularly receives millions in funding from the government.

We’re hoping the ongoing investigation by the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner will reveal all the details – not just the ones the Liberals want you to know.

Record levels of debt and increased taxes for the rest of us - living the life of a celebrity for Trudeau and his friends.

Taxpayer dollars aren’t for Justin and his friends to spend on themselves.

This taxpayer abuse needs to stop – sign here if you agree:

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