New Details on Trudeau’s Getaway!

From day one, the Liberals have tried to keep all details of the Trudeau “billionaire island vacation” under wraps.

  • They refused to disclose where Trudeau was vacationing.
  • They offered conflicting, even untruthful, reports on the trip.
  • They tried to redact most of an 88 – page document that outlined details of the taxpayer funded getaway.

Now Trudeau is under the microscope, thanks to an investigation by the Ethics Commissioner.

But what has Canadians most angry?

A recently uncovered access to information request revealed the cost of the trip is nearly double what was originally disclosed to Parliament.

Since last winter, the media have been reporting to Canadians that Trudeau’s taxpayer funded getaway cost in the neighbourhood of $127,000. Boy, were they misled!

With further accounting, we now know Trudeau charged Canadian taxpayers nearly a quarter of a million dollars to hang out with his friends on a billionaire’s private island in the Bahamas.

How can Trudeau justify raising taxes on farmers, and local small business owners while spending more than $215,000 of taxpayer money on a vacation for himself??

The Trudeau Liberals need to have more respect for Canadian taxpayers!

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