Trudeau, stop spending taxpayer money on yourself!

The Trudeau Liberals missed the memo on how to connect with the average Canadian voter.

They fail to understand the struggles of middle class Canadians - and the disconnect is growing.

While average Canadians struggle to pay the bills, the Prime Minister and his colleagues are bent on living the life of big-time celebrities.

  • There's parties in Davos with Bono.
  • Weekends at the “summer camp for billionaires,” where rooms go for a cool $900 a night.
  • Over $250,000 to visit Washington for dinner with the Obamas.
  • The million dollar soiree in Paris.

You and I paid for all of it.

Thanks to TMZ (yes, TMZ), Canadians know the Trudeau’s spent last Christmas in St. Kitts.

The cost to taxpayers? Over $100,000 in staffing and accommodation.


This New Year, Trudeau and his pals proved once again just how out of touch they are.

While vacationing on a private island known as the “Hamptons of the Bahamas,” Trudeau wasn’t alone.

Liberal MP Seamus O’Regan, Liberal Party President Anna Gainey and their spouses, made up a group of friends who took the trip to the private island oasis – some by private helicopter.

Record levels of debt and increased taxes for us - living the life of a celebrity for them. Taxpayer dollars aren’t for Justin and his friends to spend on themselves.

This taxpayer abuse needs to stop – sign here if you agree:

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