Trudeau punishes rural Albertans for voting Conservative.

The Trudeau Liberals are working to shore up their support – but doing it on the backs of rural Canadians.

The latest example: a plan to relocate an immigration case processing centre out of the rural Albertan town of Vegreville to Edmonton, where the Liberals hold a vulnerable seat.

The Liberals claim the move is being made to “save money” – but internal government documents prove that the move will actually cost $11 million more than upgrading the current facility!

Vegreville has a population of only 5,000 people, with almost 300 working at the current facility – that’s 7% of the towns’ population.

Removing the processing centre for a reason that can only be summed up as a purely cold-hearted decision could devastate this community.

It’s another clear indication Justin Trudeau doesn’t care about rural Canadians – or rural Albertans for that matter.

Simply put, the Liberals are punishing a town for voting Conservative, and it’s costing taxpayers millions of dollars in the process.

Justin Trudeau needs to respect rural Canadians and stop spending taxpayer dollars in an effort to save his own vulnerable Liberal seats.

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