Trudeau must apologize

Vice-Admiral Norman is a respected, honourable, and highly decorated member of the Royal Canadian Navy.

And Justin Trudeau targeted him, his career, and his reputation for destruction for no discernible reason.

Justin Trudeau gave Mark Norman’s name to the RCMP.

Justin Trudeau declared, before the RCMP even laid charges, that Norman would ‘be before the courts’.

Justin Trudeau’ Office resisted giving documents to Mark Norman’s lawyers.

Justin Trudeau’s team counselled witnesses.

Justin Trudeau’s lawyers asked the prosecutors if they could engineer issues at trial.

Justin Trudeau’s Office even used codenames in email exchanges to avoid access to information requests.

And yet, the charges were still dropped.

This whole affair tarnished a good man’s name, nearly bankrupted him, and put his family through the absolute worst.

Vice-Admiral Norman deserves an apology from Justin Trudeau, and to be reinstated as Vice Chief of the Defence Staff immediately.

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