Trudeau broke federal law!

The Ethics Commissioner has released her report on Justin Trudeau’s Bahamas vacation to a billionaire’s private island, and found Trudeau committed multiple violations of federal law::

  • Accepting gifts that could influence decision-making;
  • Not recusing himself from discussions that could further private interests;
  • Failing to arrange his private affairs to avoid this opportunity; and
  • Accepting travel on a non-commercial aircraft.

This makes Justin Trudeau the first sitting Prime Minister in Canadian history to be guilty of violating federal law.

Despite this, Justin Trudeau has not answered the questions that Canadians are asking. He has continually dodged questions in Parliament, and misled Canadians about his travel.

The Conservative Party tried to get answers by bringing the Prime Minister to the Ethics Committee.

But the Liberal committee members blocked Conservative efforts to get answers for Canadians.

So much for Liberal promises of “openness and transparency”.

We can now say with absolute certainty that the Liberals simply don’t think the rules should apply to people like them.

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