Justin Trudeau has nationalized the Trans Mountain pipeline.

The Trudeau Liberals have purchased the Trans Mountain Pipeline for $4.5 billion of your money!

What’s worse, the Prime Minister is nationalizing a pipeline and he can’t tell Canadians the total cost.

That’ right – Justin Trudeau refuses to tell taxpayers how much this will actually cost them.

Kinder Morgan never asked for one dollar of taxpayer money. All the company wanted was certainty.

That’s why he is forcing Canadian taxpayers to pay for his failure – he has failed to create any certainty in the Canadian energy sector.

Justin Trudeau would have Canadians believe that the only way to build the Trans Mountain pipeline is to use billions of taxpayer dollars.

It’s not.

Nothing announced today does anything to overcome the delays or create any certainty for investors.

Canadians have been waiting for over a year and a half to see a concrete plan to make sure that the Trans Mountain pipeline extension is built.

Instead, ‎Justin Trudeau has offered one delay after another, and he’s failed to champion this project in British Columbia.

Canada’s Conservatives understand that by setting the conditions for success, low taxes and less redundant regulations, projects like Trans Mountain can be built without taxpayers’ money.

Taxpayers should not be liable for this government’s failure to get the Trans Mountain pipeline built.


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