The Carbon tax is kicking in!

On April 1st, Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax kicked in.

The Carbon tax is Trudeau’s signature tax hike, and it’s going to make everything more expensive – including the price of gas, groceries, and home heating.

All of the daily essentials in the lives of Canadians.

That means you get less from every dollar you earn.

But not everyone is get hit by Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax.

The Liberals will be giving big breaks to industrial polluters, which means that families and small businesses will have to be taxed even more in order to meet their targets.

Once again, the Liberals are happy to help their corporate friends, while hard-working Canadian families pay the price.

The Liberals aren’t helping you get ahead; they’re not even helping you get by.

Conservatives will scrap the Liberals’ Carbon Tax and put this money back in the pockets of Canadians where it belongs.

If you want to scrap the carbon tax, sign below:

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