Getting sick is going to cost you more.

On February 7th, Conservatives called on the Liberals to abandon any plan they have to tax health and dental plans.

Through that vote, the Liberals said clearly – they were going to move ahead on this big new tax.

It’s Justin Trudeau’s latest attack on taxpayers, and he can’t deny it anymore. The Liberal government’s response is a matter of public record.

They’re looking for more ways to pay for their reckless spending habits.

Their solution? Tax dental, vision care and prescription drug plans.

That means $3 billion will be taken from the pockets of hard working Canadians.

Reports say Canadians should expect to shell out $1,000 to $1,700 more in taxes every single year if the Liberals get their way.

Costs would double in a two income family with similar coverage!

The last thing Canadians should have to worry when they get sick is how much more in taxes it’s going to cost them.

Help us to send a clear message to the Liberals: leave our health benefits alone!


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