STOP Trudeau’s one-sided attack on lower carbon Canadian energy

Canada must take strong action to address climate change and protect our environment while supporting energy workers.

Canada has the capacity to do these things, but Justin Trudeau is ideologically opposed.

Canadian energy is rapidly decarbonizing its production. Until there are readily available low-cost alternatives to high-carbon products, Canadian energy should be filling that gap.

Right now, many Canadians are fueling their cars with high carbon oil from places like Saudi Arabia who have some of the worst carbon emission policies in the world. And Justin Trudeau is encouraging Canadians to do this.

Justin Trudeau is not putting caps on the importation of unethical, high-carbon products from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela when Canada is already providing decarbonized, carbon emission-capped, fair trade energy

They are also only introducing a cap on the lower carbon Canadian energy. Why?

Conservatives know that Canadian energy can provide the world with better environmental solutions. We are committed to seeing beyond Liberal ideology and delivering tangible results – for Canadians and for the world’s environment.

Canada’s Conservatives are fighting for action that both addresses climate change and secures the future for workers. Justin Trudeau is not.

Stand with Conservatives and help us STOP Trudeau’s one-sided attack on lower carbon Canadian energy – add your name below!

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