Stop Trudeau’s anti-energy agenda

The average price of gasoline is now over $2/litre nationwide.

For seven years, Trudeau’s Liberals have pursued a hostile anti-energy agenda leaving us unprepared to provide aid to our allies or provide Canadians with affordable energy.

Despite Conservatives repeatedly calling for relief, Canada remains the only G7 country that has refused to give its citizens a break on fuel.

Trudeau raised the carbon tax on April 1st, costing Canadians an extra 11¢/litre at the pumps, while also maintaining the GST applied to fuel.

Conservatives called for the suspension of both.

Worse, the Trudeau Liberals will be bringing in a second carbon tax under the “Clean Fuel Regulations”.

It will cost Canadians an extra 13¢/litre by 2030, or an additional $301 on average per year.

Canadians need relief. Sign your name below to join Canada’s Conservatives in our fight to end Justin Trudeau’s anti-energy agenda and bring affordability back to the lives of Canadian families.

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