Selling Government Access is BACK!

The Liberals cash-for-access scheme is once again up and running.

Last year, the controversial plan helped the Liberals fill their war chest, by offering government access to those willing to pay for it.

This didn’t sit well with the Ethics Commissioner after:

  • The Finance Minister was caught red handed at a fundraiser organized by a company executive that was also lobbying him.
  • A Communist Chinese billionaire donated a large sum of cash to the Trudeau Foundation after a fundraiser with Trudeau - while another attendee got the government favour he needed a short time after the meeting.
  • Liberal MP Bill Blair, fundraised with associations looking to break into the marijuana industry.

After months of pressure by our Conservative team, we forced the Liberals to finally follow their own rules and halt the cash-for-access events.

After posting disastrous first quarter fundraising numbers, the Liberals are going back to what they do best – selling government access to the highest bidder.

The Liberals say their fundraisers are open to the “public” – but the cost of entry ranges from $250 to $1500 a head – just like before.

Justin Trudeau and his Liberals clearly can’t be trusted to keep the promises they make.

Canada’s government shouldn’t be for sale to the wealthy elite who can afford these “pay-to-play” fees.


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