Phoenix: 14 months of Liberal ineptitude – and counting

Public servants work hard, and the Liberals are failing them.

You may have heard about the catastrophic failure known as the “Phoenix fiasco.”

Despite warning signs the new Phoenix payroll system wasn’t ready, the Liberals chose to move ahead with its implementation anyway.

And the fallout from that decision?

  • More than 80,000 federal employees negatively affected
  • Tens of thousands of employees have been underpaid, or not paid at all
  • Credit rating, child support, rent and mortgage payments – all negatively impacted.
  • Thousands of incorrect T4 slips have been issued, with an expected $140 million to be clawed back from overpayments.

And the Liberals answer to fix these issues?

To create a “working group” of Liberal Ministers and throw a cool $140 million tax dollars at the problem they’ve sat back and watched unfold for over a year.

Canadian workers deserve to be paid what they are owed and on time.

And Canadian taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for the Liberal government’s own screw-ups!

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