Taxing the Military?!

It was a Liberal government that was responsible for the Canadian military’s “decade of darkness”. And now, under Justin Trudeau’s leadership, the Liberals are considering abandoning soldiers currently serving in the Middle-East. Trudeau and his Liberals decided to take away tax benefits that provided $1500 to $1800 a month for Canadian troops who are putting their lives on the line while fighting ISIS.

And why? The Liberals’ record deficits. After all of their irresponsible spending and borrowing, the Liberals only decided now to pinch pennies – and it’s on the backs of our brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces! We fought for the restoration of those benefits. We called on Justin Trudeau to reverse his harmful decision.

Good news: it’s working!

After weeks of pressure from your Conservative team, the Trudeau Liberals are beginning to back down. In an about-face, the Liberals have said some troops will now get the tax break back.


Conservatives believe anyone willing to go to the Middle East and put their lives on the line fighting ISIS deserves their full hardship pay and benefits.

Unfortunately, some other troops are still being left out in the cold. Media are reporting that troops deployed after January will not receive the tax break.

We also still don’t know what Trudeau intends to do regarding the approximately 300 Canadians serving at a 2nd base in Kuwait who are also due to have their tax break taken away in June.

If you agree that we should do everything we can to support our Canadian troops fighting ISIS, sign here:

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