Marco Mendicino Must Step Down

Whereas Marco Mendicino, Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister, has been caught with his office knowing about Paul Bernardo’s transfer for 3 months, as he did nothing about it.

Whereas Marco Mendicino has been caught lying multiple times to the media and the public, including saying he relied on the advice of law enforcement for invoking the Emergencies Act, contrary to later testimony from the RCMP and Chief of the Ottawa Police.

Whereas Marco Mendicino also lied about the Roxham Road and irregular border crossers, saying the Safe Third Country Agreement was working, only to later be forced under pressure to close Roxham Road.

Whereas Marco Mendicino was forced to scrap his amendments to Bill C-21 to try and ban hunting rifles and shotguns, after pressure from Conservatives and Canadians from across the country.

And whereas Marco Mendicino also said that all Beijing’s secret police stations in Canada were shut down, when they were revealed to still be open a month later.

Therefore be it resolved that we call on Marco Mendicino to put an end to this disastrous record of failure and lying to Canadians by immediately stepping down.

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