Say NO To Liberal Subsidies

The Liberals just can’t get enough of your money.

They’ve been filling their party coffers thanks to unethical fundraisers. One news outlet went as far as saying these political fundraisers “may be illegal”.

Chinese communist billionaires, lobbyists looking for favours, pot dealers - the Liberals don't care who gets special government access. As long as they’re willing to make huge donations to the Liberal Party or the Trudeau Foundation.

Now, Justin's gang has come up with yet another (not-so-new) way to funnel taxpayer money to Liberal Party coffers!

When the Liberals last in power they brought in a per-vote subsidy, which forced taxpayers to subsidize the partisan activity of political parties. As a result, hundreds of millions of dollars were paid to political parties.

Once elected, we put a stop to that. We eliminated the per vote subsidy altogether, so political parties were no longer free to live off your tax dollars. Now the Liberals want to bring it back.

They want everyone, including you, to pay for their partisan activities.

Political funding should come from people who choose to make a donation. Not the taxpayer.

Sign if you agree.

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