Liberal smear tactics

As soon as the Liberals face any kind of legitimate criticism or questions, their “sunny ways” and “positive politics” come to an end and they revert right back to their old habits.

Back to baseless attacks, fear-mongering, and name-calling.

As we get closer to the next election, it’s just getting worse:

  • When our Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt questioned Bill Morneau on why their government has failed to live up to their feminist rhetoric – he called her a “Neanderthal.”
  • When our MP Todd Doherty rightfully questioned Justin Trudeau about his government’s ethics – Trudeau called him disgusting.
  • When Ontario Cabinet Minister Lisa MacLeod was concerned about the pressures and costs that Trudeau’s border crisis put on the province’s immigration system – Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen called her “un-Canadian.”
  • When our MP Bob Saroya questioned Bill Blair about the crisis at our border –Blair accused Conservatives of wanting to put babies in cages.
  • And just last week, when our MP Lisa Raitt was questioning Justin Trudeau – Trudeau called her an ambulance chaser.

You know the Liberals are losing an argument when they start falsely smearing and insulting you.

While the Liberals try to smear and shout down anyone who disagrees with them –Canada’s Conservatives are going to continue to fight for the issues that matter to you!

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