Justin Trudeau is Guilty on SNC Lavalin

The Federal Ethics Commissioner has once again found that Justin Trudeau broke the Conflict of Interest Act.

Heading into this election, Trudeau had already become the first and only Prime Minister in Canadian history to be found guilty of breaking ethics laws.  Now, he has done it again. 

Justin Trudeau promised Canadians he would accountable and ethical.

Instead, he has used the power of his office to reward his friends, and punish his critics.

Justin Trudeau promised he would be different.

Instead, we now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Justin Trudeau is not as advertised.

Justin Trudeau should have done the right thing and resigned.

Instead, even after this latest guilty verdict, he’s clinging to power, refusing to step down.

There is just one option left – Trudeau must be defeated on October 21st.

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