ISIS fighters are coming back to Canada

It has recently been reported that the Trudeau government is working cooperatively with captured ISIS fighters who want to come back to Canada.

These are people that went to fight for a terrorist organization – committing some of the worst atrocities imaginable.

And when government officials spoke with an alleged Jihadist fighter, they told him that coming to Canada was an option.

This is absurd.

What’s worse, the Trudeau government is claiming there is no guarantee ISIS fighters would face arrest upon their return.

Canadians expect these people to be brought to justice.

But the Liberals have shown a preference for “reintegration” over prosecution.

The Liberals’ justice bill even reduces sentences for traveling overseas to engage in terrorism to as little as a fine.

A Conservative government, led by Andrew Scheer, would make the security of Canadians a top priority – not the comfort of terrorists.

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