Infrastructure Bank

When the Liberals unveiled their $28.5 billion deficit budget last March, they announced the launch of $35 billion project called the “infrastructure bank.”


Canadians are very worried by this!


Alarm bells are already sounding – that this could be another way for Justin Trudeau to line the pockets of his closest friends.

And it wouldn’t be the first time the Liberals have tried this.

The former president of the Business Development Bank of Canada has already gone to the media to express his concerns – saying this scheme is ripe for political interference.


And he speaks from experience!


In the 1990’s under the Chretien government, the Liberals already pressured him to dole out special favours to their friends.

Canadians need to catch on that Trudeau’s “infrastructure bank” is just a slush fund for friends of the Liberal Party – investors will get all of the profit and taxpayers get


all the risk!


Trudeau must be stopped from forcing taxpayers to co-sign a loan for the richest 1%.


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