Illegal Border Crossers

Since Justin Trudeau tweeted #welcometoCanada last year, more than 30,000 border crossers have illegally entered into Canada.

Wait times have skyrocketed, and it has created a significant backlog in Canada’s immigration system.

Justin Trudeau has completely mismanaged this crisis.

Over 65% of illegal border crossers from 2017-18 had legal status in the United States before illegally entering Canada.

However, only 0.5% of illegal border crossers have actually been deported!

This is despite Minister Blair’s false claims that the “overwhelming majority of those people have left.”

It is truly mind-boggling that Justin Trudeau would choose to prioritize these individuals over persons fleeing ISIS or Rohingya refugees undergoing genocide.

We need a system that is compassionate and works for the people who need it most urgently.

But the truth is Trudeau has only made the situation worse, and permanent, by failing to take action.

It is long past time that the Trudeau Liberals come up with a plan to fix this mess.

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