Illegal Border Crossers

Update – July 11th, 2018

Canada’s Conservatives have called for an emergency committee meeting to be held to review the adequacy of the Trudeau government’s response to the increased number of asylum seekers crossing into Canada.

Canadians expect our immigration system to be compassionate and fair.

It is not compassionate, nor fair, when individuals are forced to live in homeless shelters, university dormitories, and tent cities because the Prime Minister has compromised the integrity of our immigration system.

Since Justin Trudeau tweeted #welcometoCanada last year, over 20,000 border crossers have illegally crossed into Canada.

This was a 200% increase in illegal border crossings over the previous year.

And these numbers are only continuing to rise in 2018.

It is expected that upwards of 400 individuals per day will cross into Canada illegally during the summer months.

It was reported that each illegal border crosser processed will cost the Canadian taxpayer $15,000 - $20,000.

Trudeau has spent hundreds of millions of your tax dollars on band-aid solutions, instead of addressing the problem.

And what do we have to show for it?

We have tent cities and make-shift refugee camps along our border.

Homeless shelters are full.

Social services across several provinces and cities are stretched to their breaking point.

People that are following the rules and immigrating through the appropriate channels are being hurt by Justin Trudeau’s inaction. Illegal border crossers are jumping the immigration queue.

Since last winter, Conservatives have been demanding the Liberals come up with a plan to stop these illegal crossings.

We need a system that is compassionate and works for the people who need it most urgently.

Our focus must remain on those who are legally working their way through our refugee system.

Justin Trudeau has broken Canada’s immigration system and we need to fix it.

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