Illegal Border Crossers

Since Justin Trudeau tweeted #welcometoCanada last year, more than 38,000 border crossers have illegally entered into Canada.

Justin Trudeau has completely mismanaged this crisis, and a new report by the Parliamentary Budget Officer has brought the consequences of his mismanagement into sharp focus.

The numbers show that the cost of accommodating one illegal border crosser is more than the gross annual income of a Canadian minimum wage worker.

And, if by March 2020, Justin Trudeau continues to do nothing to address this crisis, it will cost Canadians at least $1.1 billion – which doesn’t include the hundreds of millions in extra costs to the provinces.

That’s $1.1 billion of unbudgeted money that won’t be spent on the priorities of Canadians.

And Trudeau has only made this situation worse, and permanent, by failing to take action.

It is long past time that the Trudeau Liberals come up with a plan to fix this mess.

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