Fight For Democracy

Liberal incompetence knows no bounds.

They've spent hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on a survey about electoral reform, without asking the most important questions and without asking a pretty clear one:

Do you want a referendum?

One would think this would be the centerpiece of the government’s new survey. But not with the Liberals in charge.

The Liberal promise of electoral reform continues to crash and burn.

The Electoral Reform Committee report has been cast aside, and the Democratic Institutions Minister showed her true contempt for democracy when she chastised the all party Committee members for being lazy. (When in reality, they just didn’t agree with her.)

Universal mockery and condemnation followed before she issued an apology.

Now she owes all Canadians an apology.

This latest survey is an insult to the intelligence of the voting public.

The Liberals were looking for one specific outcome when they started this process. And it wasn’t a referendum.

Now their plan has backfired and Canadians don’t agree with them.

Canadians deserve a say in how their democracy is run. Sign if you agree:

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