We already have a serious problem with patient wait times and trying to find a family doctor.

And now the Liberals are making that even harder. 

They’ve now unveiled new tax measures targeting the “majority of Canada’s physicians.”

You see, most doctors in Canada operate as small business owners - meaning they do not receive pensions or benefits afforded to employees in the private sector.

These Liberal tax changes will hinder the ability of our doctors to invest in their practice – and make it harder to justify continuing to practice in Canada.

“If implemented, these proposals will make Canada an undesirable place to practice. [The changes] could have a major cost impact on their patients and clients.”
- Dr. Shawn Whatley, president of the Ontario Medical Association

At a time when many specialists in the medical field are already looking at leaving Canada to practice in the U.S. or abroad, the Liberals’ nickel and diming of Canada’s physicians just doesn’t make sense.

We should do what we can to encourage physicians to stay in Canada and grow their practices, and attract more doctors to our country.

Instead of making it harder for our doctors to continue practicing in Canada, the Liberals should look at their own frivolous spending habits and invest our tax dollars more wisely.  

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