Conservatives are fighting to make life more affordable

Liberal out-of-control control spending is helping fuel inflation. Inflation that has now reached 8.1%, the highest level since January 1983.

Rapidly rising interest rates, stagnating growth, and sky-high inflation continue to fuel the fear amongst Canadian families that a Liberal-made recession is on the horizon.

For months, Conservatives have proposed solutions to combat the cost-of-living crisis and provide Canadians with relief by:

  • Suspending the GST charged on gas and diesel.
  • Suspending the carbon tax.

The Liberals said no.

Canadians deserve a responsible government that will get spending under control, fight the cost-of-living crisis, and outlines a clear commitment to control inflation.

We are demanding solutions to leave more money in your pocket and protect the value of the money that you earn.

Are you with us?

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