Conservative Women

An oft-repeated stereotype from our opponents on the left is that the Conservative Party is somehow the party of old white men.

This belief is not held within the party, or by anyone who is familiar with the party’s history or policies. In fact, if you found yourself at our convention in Vancouver, you would have seen a crowd of over 3,000 diverse Canadians, young and old, male and female. Nevertheless it is regularly repeated by people who have no real interest in facts, and just want to sling mud.

Elitist journalists and columnists in left-leaning media are some of the worst offenders. When facing a tough deadline, our most hardened critics default to the same old outdated, long discredited, and completely false talking points.

Last week it was, once again, Toronto Star columnist Heather Mallick. Even among left-leaning media, Mallick is extreme in her anti-Conservative views.

But this time she made a claim that is nothing short of completely false and a blatant outcry for attention – that the “Conservative Party doesn’t like women at all.”

Seriously, that was the title of her column!

Her tired old assertion is, of course, ridiculous. As a woman myself I can tell you first hand that I have always felt welcome in the Conservative Party – and that there have always been opportunities for me as a conservative woman.

I’m proud of the fact that not only are we the only recognized party in the House of Commons with a female leader (who got there based on merit, not by quota), Conservatives have also paved the way for other firsts in Canada:

  • The first female cabinet minister and the first woman to serve as acting Prime Minister, Ellen Fairclough, was a Conservative;
  • Canada’s first female foreign minister, Flora MacDonald was a Conservative;
  • The first woman to lead the Official Opposition, Deb Grey, was a Conservative; and
  • Canada’s first female Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Kim Campbell, was a Conservative!

Unfortunately, columnists like Heather Mallick choose to ignore facts and instead make outlandish claims in an attempt to continue to spread their own partisan smears. Sad!

We Conservatives have nothing to apologize for when it comes to women in politics. In fact, we have much to be proud of!

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