CONFIRMED (again!): Conservatives left a surplus

The Liberal government’s own report says that our Conservative government left them not only a balanced budget, but also a surplus.

The Fiscal Monitor has now confirmed that the cumulative surplus for the 2015-16 fiscal year was $7.5 billion.

Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau has insisted for many months that there's a Conservative deficit. This report shows - yet again - he is wrong. The Liberals are trying to justify their out-of-control spending on a deficit that did not exist.

Which means they're spending even more than we thought!

We left a surplus. The report proves it.

Despite this, the Liberals are charging up the taxpayer funded credit card with a mountain of debt.

Tell Trudeau’s Liberals to accept facts: they were left a surplus, and they are going into deficit to pay for their wild election promises.

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