Clam Scam

After Justin Trudeau committed multiple violations of federal ethics law, you would think the Liberals would learn their lesson.

But the Liberals just can’t help themselves.

Yet another Liberal cabinet minister has been found guilty of violating Conflict of Interest laws in the course of carrying out his duties.

Fisheries Minister Dominic Leblanc awarded an Arctic surf clam quota, worth millions of dollars, to a company that included:

  • The brother of a Liberal MP.
  • A former Liberal MP.
  • And members of LeBlanc’s own family.

LeBlanc even personally picked the company from among seven other bidders.

They didn’t even have any indigenous partners at the time LeBlanc made his decision and they didn’t even have ownership of a boat‎ - key requirements needed to be awarded the quota.

This whole process is awash with bias and conflicts of interest.

This is the textbook definition of Liberal entitlement that we sadly expected from this government!

Justin Trudeau is failing to make decisions that are in the best interest of Canadians, instead using public office to benefit Liberal insiders and their wealthy friends.

These shady deals by the Liberals need to stop!


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