Canada never left!

Since being elected, Justin Trudeau has made a habit of using phrases like “Canada is back.”

At the UN, Trudeau repeated this sentiment, saying Canada will “re-engage”.

Newsflash, Mr. Trudeau: Canada never left!

Under our Conservative government, Canada:

  • was the second biggest donor to the UN’s World Food Aid program;
  • saved the lives of women and children around the world with our Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Initiative;
  • led the worldwide effort to take a stand against forced, early, and child marriages;
  • led the establishment of the UN’s first ever International Day of the Girl...

Also: Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke more times at the UN annual leader’s week during the UN General Assembly than any other Canadian Prime Minister – ever!

Justin Trudeau is so blinded by his own attempts to establish any kind of reputation, he is willing to completely snub the good work our government did.

Tell Justin Trudeau – Canada never left!

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