Canada Divided

After running the most deliberately divisive campaign in memory – picking fights with Premiers and pitting region against region – Justin Trudeau has set the stage for a national unity crisis.

While Trudeau drags his feet on fixing the mess he created, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are ready to fight for the things that really matter, like:

  • Keeping Canada united and strong by launching a task force to study the establishment of a national energy corridor, which could bring Ontario and Quebec hydroelectricity to new markets, open up opportunities for Western Canadian oil and gas, and connect rural communities in Atlantic Canada and the North.
  • Helping Canadians get ahead by offering broad-based tax relief, providing a date for balancing the budget, and proceeding with fair tax-free maternity benefits.
  • Restoring ethics and accountability to government by introducing stronger penalties in the Conflict of Interest Act.
  • Getting the energy sector back to work by tabling a detailed plan, with concrete deadlines, to build the Trans Mountain expansion and repealing Bills C-48 and C-69.

There’s a lot of work for our new, stronger Conservative team to do to begin to heal the divisions Trudeau sowed during the election campaign.

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